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Sydna Farma is a pharmaceutical company established in January 2007 after took over the factory facility, factory management and factory employees of PT Organon Indonesia in December 2006. Sydna Farma currently manufactures its own medicinal products specialized in hormonal and contraception solid dosage form. Sydna Farma is also contract manufacturer of many pharmaceutical industries,big local companies as well as Multi-National Companies.

Sydna Farma is owned by PT United Dico Citas, a pharmaceutical distributor, established in year 1967. PT United Dico Citas is the local partner of Japanese Multinational Company which operates in Indonesia.

The word Sydna means Synergetic and DNA which is inline towards company vision and mission.

Synergetic reflects the spirit of cooperation and partnerships of all Sydna's stake holders to reach the company goals. DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid, being the molecules carrying the genetic information of all living creature, reflects the company vision to become an excellent pharmaceutical company producing quality medicines through a science based formulation, process, and quality system which comply to current regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • GMP Licenses which are owned by PT Sydna Farma :

  • - Tablet and coated tablet of sex hormones and contraceptives

  • - Tablet and coated tablet of non betalactam (non hormonal)

  • - Small volume of non betalactam injection (non hormonal)

  • - Secondary packaging of tablet/ capsule oncology product